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PINOCHET: A Declassified Documentary Obit
Washington - 12 diciembre 2006
Archive Posts Records on former Dictator's Repression, Acts of Terrorism, U.S. Support
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 212
Edited by Peter Kornbluh and Yvette White
For more information contact:
Peter Kornbluh - 202/374-7281; 202/994-7116
Yvette White - 202/994-7000
Posted - December 12, 2006
Washington D.C., December 12, 2006 - As Chile prepared to bury General Augusto Pinochet, the National Security Archive today posted a selection of declassified U.S. documents that illuminate the former dictator's record of repression. The documents include CIA records on Pinochet's role in the Washington D.C. car bombing that killed former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and his American colleague Ronni Moffitt, Defense Intelligence Agency biographic reports on Pinochet, and transcripts of meetings in which Secretary of State Henry Kissinger resisted bringing pressure on the Chilean military for its human rights atrocities.

"Pinochet's death has denied his victims a final judicial reckoning," said Peter Kornbluh, who directs the Archive's Chile Documentation Project. "But the declassified documents do contribute to the ultimate verdict of history on his atrocities."

25 july 2006
U.S. state terrorism in action:
Lebanon massacre.
Genocide in the name of self-defense.

The U.S. imperialist policy to "reshape" the Middle East utilizing the army of the neo-nazi state of Israel.

Goodbye compañero Andre Gunder Frank
Samir Amin - Miguel A. Bernal - Theotonio Dos Santos - Barry K. Gills - Róbinson Rojas - Jeff Sommers - Arno Tausch

Some Basic Principles to be considered in the Design of the New Chilean Pension System
Document presented by Centro de Estudios Nacionales de Desarrollo Alternativo, CENDA to the "Consejo Asesor para la Reforma Previsional," nominated by President Michelle Bachelet
Santiago, April 4, 2006
The undergoing reform of the Chilean pension system, promoted by the government of President Michelle Bachelet, faces the challenge of building a modern and lasting pension system, which may draw wide consensus among citizens. A first, minimum, condition for this, is that it restores to every Chilean, retirement entitlements at least equivalent to those that the traditional public system still ensures to three out of every four elders. Then, it should gradually improve entitlements for all. These benefits, modest as they may seem, are significantly better than the ones received by those that are already obliged to retire under the AFP system. Women are most damaged, and they number two thirds of the elderly. This is an unacceptable discrimination between two groups of Chileans. The current reform faces the imperative of repairing such injustice.

From BBC World News - 15 September 2005
UK defence giant payments to Pinochet
Gen Pinochet is accused of kidnapping and murdering political opponents
UK arms manufacturer BAE has paid over £1m to front companies for the Chilean General Augusto Pinochet, documents obtained by the Guardian show.
Three companies linked to Gen Pinochet were getting money from the UK defence giant as late as June last year.
The documents show between December 1997 and October 2004 BAE paid $1,998,871 (£1.1m) in 14 payments.

From The Guardian - 15 September 2005
BAE's secret £1m to Pinochet
Revealed: US banking records show links between Britain's biggest arms firm and ex-dictator continued until last year.
How Pinochet cash linked to BAE
Ups and downs of a dictator
Archive special: Chile 1973
Special report: Chile
From BBC News - 10 August 2005

The wife and son of Chile's former military ruler, Augusto Pinochet, are charged over tax fraud allegations.

9 June 2005
Capitalist Economic Terrorism

Note by Róbinson Rojas: Free-market fundamentalism, which can be described as capitalist economic terrorism, is creating a world with a small bunch of super rich and a big majority just surviving on their income. United States is a telling case study of this. What began with  the Reagan Administration is reaching obscene feautures with the Bush Administration. Statistics show that "for every additional dollar earned by the bottom 90 percent of the population between 1950 and 1970, those in the top 0.01 percent earned an additional $162. That gap has since skyrocketed. For every additional dollar earned by the bottom 90 percent between 1990 and 2002, each taxpayer in that top bracket brought in an extra $18,000." The New York Times is publishing a special section ("Class Matters"), from which I select here some important texts. They show how capitalist economic terrorism (free-market fundamentalism) can disjoint a society. The winners are the ones who have at their service a political class serving their interests by unleashing political and economic terrorism (otherwise known as globalization) all over planet Earth. They are building a larger U.S. empire. Modern Caligulas like Bush et al are the top layer of that political class.

The Bush Economy (7 June 2005)
Richest Are Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind (5 June 2005)
Crushing Upward Mobility (7 June 2005)
Class Matters. A special section
The Mobility Myth (6 June 2005)

7 June 2005
EuroMemorandum Group
European Economists  for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
June 2005
After the French and Dutch No to the Constitution:
The EU needs a new economic and social development strategy.

  "The French and Dutch No to the Constitution opens  the window for a thorough reflection and public discussion about the way in which the people want to live in Europe. The majority of voters have rejected the elitist project of a European construction, which subordinates the democratic lives and material well-being of the people to the rules of markets and competition. They perceived European policies in their real lives as a threat to their economic and social welfare, as source of increasing insecurity for their work and incomes, as mounting inequality and injustice and as an obstacle to relevant democratic participation possibilities in the process of shaping a society which allows them to lead a free and independent life...".
From The Independent - 22 May 2005
Revealed: health fears over secret study into GM food
Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed abnormalities in blood and kidneys By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
When fed to rats it affected their kidneys and blood counts. So what might it do to humans? We think you should be told
The secret research we reveal today raises the potential health risks of genetically modified foods. Here, environment editor Geoffrey Lean, who has led this paper's campaign on GM technology for the past six years, examines the new evidence. And he asks the questions that must concern us all: why is Monsanto, the company trying to sell GM corn to Britain and Europe, so reluctant to publish the full results of its alarming tests on lab rats? Why are our leaders so keen to buy the unproven technology against the wishes of consumers? And why is the man who first raised these concerns six years ago shunned by the scientific establishment and his former political masters?
How the technology works and what it promises
By Tom Anderson
From Human Rights Watch
April 2005

Impunity for Rumsfeld and other state terrorists,
Getting Away with Torture?

Command Responsibility for the U.S. Abuse of Detainees
The U.S. state terrorists have a pile of Weapons of Mass Destruction which can wipe out from the face of the Earth anything between 1 to 3.5 billion human beings. Currently, they are discussing how to make their Weapons of Mass Destruction even more destructive. Read here more about the deadly plans of the imperialists whose policies are menacing the survival of planet Earth.
(Róbinson Rojas)

From The New York Times
A Fierce Debate on Atom Bombs From Cold War
Published: April 3, 2005
For over two decades, a compact, powerful warhead called the W-76 has been the centerpiece of the nation's nuclear arsenal, carried aboard the fleet of nuclear submarines that prowl the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
But in recent months it has become the subject of a fierce debate among experts inside and outside the government over its reliability and its place in the nuclear arsenal.
BBC News - 24 March 2005
Pinochet murder case blocked
Augusto Pinochet cannot be prosecuted over the killing of his predecessor as Chile's army chief, the country's Supreme Court has ruled. The court upheld his legal immunity in the case, blocking efforts to try him for his alleged role in the 1974 assassination of Gen Carlos Prats.

Chile's Pinochet released on bail
Court backs Pinochet murder trial
Pinochet murder case goes ahead
Chilean judge charges Pinochet
In pictures: Pinochet trial reaction
In quotes: Delight and anger
Historic ruling: Joy and shock on the streets of Santiago at the news that Pinochet can stand trial
Condor legacy haunts S America


BBC World: - 17 March 2005
Wolfowitz to spread neo-con gospel

By Paul Reynolds World Affairs correspondent, BBC News website
By nominating Paul Wolfowitz to be head of the World Bank, President George Bush appears to be sending a message to the world that he intends to spread into development policy the same neo-conservative philosophy that has led his foreign policy.
Wolfowitz seeks to calm critics
Dismay at Wolfowitz's nomination
Bush backs hawk for World Bank
Wolfensohn quits World Bank
Profile: Paul Wolfowitz
Wolf at World Bank's door?
Head-to-Head: The right choice?
In quotes: Wolfowitz reaction
Q&A: What the World Bank does IMF and World Bank: reform underway?

From BBC News: 4 January 2005
Court backs Pinocher murder trial
Chile's Supreme Court has ruled the country's former President Augusto Pinochet is fit to stand trial on murder and kidnapping charges. It upheld a lower court move to throw out a defence motion arguing Gen Pinochet, 89, was not mentally able to defend himself. The ruling brings the former military ruler one step closer to trial.
13 December 2003
Chilean Judge Charges Pinochet
Chile's former President Augusto Pinochet has been placed under house arrest on human rights charges.
The former military ruler was indicted over the disappearance of nine opposition activists and the killing of one of them during his 17-year regime.
The order was issued by Judge Juan Guzman, who has been investigating Gen Pinochet for abuses committed between 1973 and 1990.
2 December 2004
Pinochet faces murder probe
A Chilean court has stripped former military ruler Augusto Pinochet of his legal immunity over the murder of his predecessor as army chief.
The decision means he can be investigated for his alleged role in the killing of Gen Carlos Prats, who died in a car bomb attack in 1974.
Chile's armed forces
Unravelling a tortured past
Dec 2nd 2004
SANTIAGO From The Economist print edition
The armed forces are finally found guilty of the dictatorship's abuses ALMOST 15 years after the end of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship, Chileans have been confronted with the magnitude and cruelty of the torture it inflicted. After hearing the testimonies of 35,000 political detainees, an official commission has concluded that torture was a habitual practice of the armed forces and police throughout the dictatorship.
ZNet |
Memories of Chile in the Midst of an American Presidential Campaign
Ariel Dorfman (October 2004)
Day after day over the past three years, as I watched Americans respond to the terror that unexpectedly descended upon them on September 11th, 2001, the direst memories of Chile and its dictatorship resonated in my mind. There was something dreadfully familiar in the patriotic posturing, the militarization of society, the way in which anyone who dared to be faintly critical was automatically branded as a traitor. Yes, I had seen that before: "You are either with us or against us." I had seen it far too often -- national security trumpeted as a justification for any excess in the pursuit of an elusive enemy.

From independent.co.uk, 2 October 2004
J. Ross

Pinochet faces fraud charges over secret £4.4m accounts
26th August 2004
Chile strips Pinochet of immunity
Chile's Supreme Court has ruled that the country's former military ruler, Augusto Pinochet, should be stripped of immunity from prosecution.

Riggs Bank Hid Assets Of Pinochet, Report Says Senate Probe
By Terence O'Hara and Kathleen Day Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, July 15, 2004; Page A01
Riggs Bank courted business from former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and helped him hide millions of dollars in assets from international prosecutors while he was under house arrest in Britain, according to a report by Senate investigators.

15 June, 2004 Solidarity Petition  for Prof. Song Du-yul
I wonder if any of you could sign the attached petition with the protest against the "judicial" atrocity perpetrated currently against one of Korea's finest social scientists, Prof. Song Du-yul. Prof. Song, currently German citizen and one of the leaders of Korean democracy movement abroad and a well-known activist of Korean reunification, returned to his native South Korea last year after almost 37 years of German exile, only to be arrested and tried for the acts, which are not considered punishable either in Germany/EU or anywhere else - except South Korea (basically, unofficial contacts with North Korea and "benefiting North Korea by the unbalanced criticism of South Korea" - all those things are criminalized by S.Korea's draconian "National Security Law"). All the details on indictment/trial are available on www.freesong.de In March 2004, Prof. Song was sentenced to 7 years (!) - with Amnesty Int-l offering immediately a criticism of this atrocious "verdict" . Now, as the final appeal trial is expected in July, Prof. Song's mentor, Prof. Habermas, and many other prominent German intellectuals drafted the "Solidarity Petition", which is going to be submitted soon to South Korea's President and published in South Korean media. As always in such cases, every signature is important, and I ask all of you who agree with the petition's content, to sign it and send to Prof. Song's elder son, Dr. Dschun Song (edge@chemie.fu-berlin.de), who is leading the campaign for Prof. Song's release.
Best greetings,
Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja), Ass. Professor, Korean/East Asian Studies

Text of the Solidarity Petition
R. Nader
The Concord Principles for a New Democracy
Control of our social institutions, our government, and our political system is presently in the hands of a self-serving, powerful few, known as an oligarchy, which too often has excluded citizens from the process.
Our political system has degenerated into a government of the power brokers, by the power brokers, and for the power brokers, and is far beyond the control or accountability of the citizens. It is an arrogant and distant caricature of Jeffersonian democracy.
R. Nader
Corporate Socialism
The relentless expansion of corporate control over our political economy has proven nearly immune to daily reporting by the mainstream media. Corporate crime, fraud and abuse have become like the weather; everyone is talking about the storm but no one seems able to do anything about it. This is largely because expected accountability mechanisms -- including boards of directors, outside accounting and law firms, bankers and brokers, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislatures -- are inert or complicit.
East Timor needs our active support ( January 2004):
Read Noam Chomsky's appeal
"Even with independence, the world’s newest country – and Asia’s poorest – faces daunting challenges. Its two giant neighbors, Indonesia and Australia, continue to threaten East Timor’s peace and, indeed, its full sovereignty. Anti-independence paramilitary groups across the border in Indonesian West Timor pose an increasing security threat as the United Nations prepares to end its mission next May. Meanwhile, Australia is openly stealing billions of dollars worth of East Timor’s revenue from Timor Sea oil and natural gas. Australia is flagrantly violating international law and has even withdrawn from international mechanisms to resolve the maritime boundary dispute - leaving East Timor with no legal recourse. The global powers-that-be continue to deny East Timor justice for the myriad war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against its people from 1975 to 1999. At the same time, the Bush administration, in the name of the “war on terrorism,” is committed to full relations with Indonesia’s brutal military establishment, as the military daily terrorizes the people of Aceh, Papua and elsewhere."
N. Chomsky
(Toronto Star, 21 Dec. 2003)

Selective memory and dishonest doctrine
C. Kupferberg (23 October 2003):
What follows is a reconstruction of one of the most extensive disinformation campaigns in history, and the chronicle of a legend that may now shine a devastating spotlight on some of the cliques behind 9/11 - and the FBI Director covering the paper trails.
There's something about Omar:
Truth, Lies and the Legend of 9/11
A. Cockburn ( ZNet, 25/09/03)
Edward Said, dead at 66
A mighty and passionate heart
Warren Wagar
Noam Chomsky interviewed by J. Paxman (BBC News, 21 May 2004)
The Bush Doctrine and crimes against humanity
"If George Bush were to be judged by the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals, he'd be hanged. So too, mind you, would every single American President since the end of the second world war, including Jimmy Carter"
A. Gunder Frank ( August , 2003 )
The meaning of violence to meaning

Saving Civilization, as British Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush keep claiming to be doing, is an oxymoron. To begin with, what they really mean is WESTERN civilization. Of that, Gandhi already said a half century ago, that its mere existence would be a good idea. Only a few years before that, Hitler claimed that his invasion of Russia was to save Western Civilization. That cost the Russians 40 million lives and the Jews 6 million. Today, as in Vietnam a generation ago, the government of the United States and its allies' effort to ''save" civilization is DESTROYING it, or at least its most precious legacy...
full text
BBC News (28 May 2004)
Court lifts Pinochet's immunity
Chile's Pinochet victims testify 130504
US revisits Pinochet 'secrets'   040504
Pinochet's police chief jailed   180504
A. Gunder Frank ( 20 June, 2003):
Coup d'Etat in Washington
and Silent Surrender in America and the World

Le Monde Diplomatique:
Target Baghdad
Westward the course of Empire
Don't go it alone
Twenty years after the massacres at Sabra and Shatila
The Guardian:
Arundhai Roy, Not Again
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Apoyo de Estados Unidos al Plan Colombia
Apoyo a los Mapuche-Pehuenche en Bio-Bio (english)
Gallery of State torturers and killers
The Popular Unity's Programme
Róbinson Rojas:
The murder of Allende. And the end of the Chilean way to socialism
From the Basque Red Net:
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Granma International
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M. Ratner, E. Ray, AlterNet (13 June, 2004)
Guantanamo: What the World Should Know
Why Guantanamo represents everything that is wrong with the U.S. war on terrorism. A conversation with the Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
El Economista de Cuba (english)